ETH Zurich, Aug 31 to Sept 2, 2020

(Renewed) Call for Contributions: Short Presentations at HALG'20

The Highlights of Algorithms (HALG) conference is designed to be a forum for presenting the highlights of recent developments in algorithms and for discussing potential further advances in this area. The conference will provide a broad picture of the latest research in algorithms through a series of invited talks, as well as the possibility for researchers and students to present their recent results through a series of short talks.

This year, as a reaction to the developments around COVID-19, the conference will exceptionally be held virtually from August 31 to September 2. Participation will be free of charge.

Early-career researchers (PhD students and Postdocs) are especially encouraged to submit short presentations. Each presentation will consist of a short talk and will be part of an interactive Q&A session. There will be no conference proceedings, hence presenting work already published at a different venue or journal (or to be submitted there) is welcome. Priority is given on research that has been performed, accepted or published in 2019 or later.

The planned format consists of 3-5 min talks in virtual live session(s) in the morning of Sep 1 and/or Sep 2, central European time. There will be possibilities to ask questions and potentially informal discussions.

We invite submissions (including title, abstract, speaker, information whether and where it has been published before and links to online versions, if available) by July 31 via EasyChair. Acceptance/rejection notifications, including the precise format of the sessions, will be sent out by August 15.

For questions, please contact the short presentations committee at halg2020@easychair.org.

Debarati Das, Tomasz Kociumaka, Marvin Kunnemann, Yannic Maus

Call For Submissions of Short Contributed Presentations

The HALG 2020 conference seeks submissions for contributed presentations. Each presentation is expected to consist of a poster and a short talk (an invitation to the poster). There will be no conference proceedings, hence presenting work already published at a different venue or journal (or to be submitted there) is welcome.

If you would like to present your results at HALG 2020, please submit their details (the abstract, the paper and the speaker of the talk) via EasyChair.

The abstract should include (when relevant) information where the results have been published/accepted (e.g., conference), and where they are publicly available (e.g., arXiv). All submissions will be reviewed by the program committee, giving priority to work accepted or published in 2019 or later.

Call for Invited Talk Nominations

The HALG 2020 conference seeks high-quality nominations for invited talks that will highlight recent advances in algorithmic research. Similarly to previous years, there are two categories of invited talks:

A. survey (60 minutes): a survey of an algorithmic topic that has seen exciting developments in last couple of years.

B. paper (30 minutes): a significant algorithmic result appearing in a paper in 2019 or later.

To nominate, please email halg2020.nominations@gmail.com the following information:

  1. Basic details: speaker name + topic (for survey talk) or paper’s title, authors, conference/arxiv + preferable speaker (for paper talk).

  2. Brief justification: Focus on the benefits to the audience, e.g., quality of results, importance/relevance of topic, clarity of talk, speaker's presentation skills.

All nominations will be reviewed by the Program Committee (PC) to select speakers that will be invited to the conference.